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Looking for a gym? Call: (336) 725-6228

What is Silver Sneakers?

Sliver Sneakers in Winston Salem, NC
  • What is Silver Sneakers?

Silver Sneakers is a pleasurable, invigorating exercise program which helps older men and women get better charge of their health by encouraging physical activity and also offering interpersonal events.

Open the doorway to increased self-sufficiency as well as a better life with Silver Sneakers. Health insurance providers around the United States offer our award winning exercise program to individuals who are entitled to Medicare insurance or perhaps to group health retirees. Silver Sneakers gives a gym membership to any of the participating health and fitness center location in the united states.

This great exercise program includes:

  • access to conditioning classes, fitness equipment, swimming, sauna as well as other available amenities
  • customized Silver Sneakers instructional classes designed just for senior men and women who would like to increase their strength, overall flexibility, balance and also stamina levels
  • health and wellness learning training seminars as well as other events that promote the many benefits of a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • a specially qualified Senior Adviser at the health club to introduce a person to Silver Sneakers and help you to get started
  • member only use of online help and support that can help you slim down, stop smoking and / or reduce your emotional stress
  • Silver Sneakers Steps is a program for members who do not have practical use of a participating health and fitness center location

Golds Gym in Winston Salem is proud to be a participating gym for Silver Sneakers in Winston Salem, NC.

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